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May 2015

Mark, Here are some pictures for you to use if you wish. I enjoyed our chat the other day. This was my best season ever for canines. my season totals were 71 coyotes, 47 coon, 17 red fox, 9 grey fox, 7 bobcats and 5 badger. That was done while working 60 hrs a week except for the 14 days in Kansas. I can't thank you enough for your help and your lures. Keep in touch. - Pat C. Minnesota

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Mark June has been making lures since 1984 and is proud of the success he has developed with and for trappers across the country.

You'll find products to help you out on the trap line including: trapping lures, trapping baits, trapping urine, traps, fish oils, trap anchors and stakes plus hardware to secure your traps.

Once you get back from checking your line - we have Fur Shed items to help with the skinning process. Mark also has a Bobcat Stretcher that he personally makes that makes skinning those cats better.

After speaking with so many folks over the years, Mark has made 2 Videos on Coyote Trapping, and 1 Video on Bobcat Trapping. Check out a preview of them on our homepage.   

Enjoy our products and please let us know any success you are having out on the line this year!

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Fox Frenzy Lure
Cherry Red Lure
Shell-Fire Lure
Windwalker Lure
Smokey Post Lure
Dropper Caps
Brown Sugar Lure
Coon Chum Bait
Widowmaker Bait
Red Fox Urine
Gray Fox Urine
Coyote Urine
Bobcat Urine
Bobcat Scat
Raccoon Urine
Salmon Oil
Shellfish Oil
Z Trap - ZTraps
Hog Snare 500
MB-Chain Stakes
J-Hook Tool
Ketch-All Pole
Lure Poker Rod
Trapper's Wax
Logwood Trap Dye
Sodium Benzoate
Sheep’s Wool
Rugged ST3 Trowel
Cold Creek Hammer
Sod Buster Hammer
Scent Eggs
Pro-Metal Sifter
Pliers & Sheath
Plastic Bottles
Quick Links
Fleshing Tool
Fur Comb
Winkler's Gambrel
Tail Strippers
Rubber Gauntlets
Lip Balm