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"Mark, this was my first season trapping. My buddy Scott showed me the ropes and really taught me a lot. He also introduced me to your scents and lures and man did they work! That Fox Frenzy Lure sure puts a hurting on them. We had an absolute blast trapping in the Kentucky hills. Thanks for great products." - Tyler Hensley & Scott Stapleton, KY
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Bobcat Glands (fresh)
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Bobcat Glands (fresh)

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ID: Bobcat Glands (fresh)
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Our Bobcat Glands are nice and fresh and ready to use.

Read more about Bobcat Glands which are fresh below!

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Bobcat Glands (fresh)

We make all of our own lures and baits and take pride in all of them.  Our Bobcat Glands are nice and fresh and ready to use.

Fresh Bobcat Glands are available in 1 oz. and 4 oz. sizes.
Please select the amount you need. 

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Customer Reviews
Rating Bobcat Glands
I use this product exclusively on my Coyote trapping and Bobcat trapping lines with great results !!!
  Reviewed by:   from Mt. Holly, N. C.. on 6/26/2014
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